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  1. Makhabouxa Ceremony (February)
  2. Visakhabouxa Ceremony (May)
  3. Boun Phavet (falls in either June or July)
  4. Lent Commencement Ceremony (July)
  5. Boun Hokhaopradupdin Ceremony (August)
  6. Boun Hokhao Salak Ceremony (October)
  7. End of Lent Ceremony (October)
  8. Boun Kathine Ceremony (First or Second week after the end of Lent)
  1. Boon Khounkhao (in January)
  2. Ceremony for the ancestors (in March)
  3. Lao New Year Celebration (in April)
  4. Thatluang Celebration (in November)
1. Provide aid and services to the people in praying for death, in house warming ceremonies, in chanting prayer for the sick or for accident victims, and sorrow.

2. Offer Buddhist education to youth and others who are interested in Buddhism.

3. Establish a house of worship and meetings for those interested in Buddhism and Buddhist cultures
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Calendar 2560 (2017)
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