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Board of Directors of Wat Lao Veluwanaram
List of Board Directors elected May 11, 2016

  1. Vilaysith Sanoubane: Chairman
  1. Khamvong Sivongsay: 1st Vice-Chair
  1. Vixiene Phongsavath: 2nd Vice-Chair
  1. Daongeun Siharath: Assistant Finance
  1. Daolay Sivongsay Women Affairs
  1. Somkiat Salabseng: Religious Ceremony
  1. Latvy Canyon: Development, Special Assignment
  1. Peune Bannasingthong: Inventory and Special Assignment
9. Vanpraseuth Sengsourigna: Finance officer

10 Ouneheuane Butterfat: Maintenance

11 Symonkouth Aryavong: Ceremony and Monks Welfare

12 Aneck Phongsavanh: Systems Engineer

13 Phinith Pathoumthong: Public Relations

14 Khamphanh Khamphilavong: Women Affairs

1 5 Malixay McKenzie: Secretary and visitors affairs

16 Bounthone Shaman: Inventory and special Assignment

17 Hong Nanthavong: Youth and special Assignment
Board of Directors
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